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Wifi HD 720P Wall Clock IP Camera with Live View


Wifi 720P Wall Clock IP Camera with Live View

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Afraid someone is stealing from you? Want to keep an eye on employees? By hanging this working wall clock on the wall and plug it into the wall and you instantly can track and surveil all the traffic coming and going. The motion detection recording camera will record any motion. Plus, you won’t miss anything because the recording includes 3 seconds of action before any motion activates the recording. Live View through free App

There is no need to constantly recharge the battery because the clock is powered through the included wall plug. The recordings will also overwrite older videos when the MicroSD card is full.

Starting and stopping motion sensed recordings or constantly recordings is really simple. Automatically records to Micro SD card when inserted or record from your cell phone through the free APP.

1280×720 Video Recording
30fps Recording
AVI Video Format
Supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card*
Records ~35 min/gb

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