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HD 8 cam WiFi Security Camera Package 1080p System


8-Camera WiFi Security Camera System Wireless with 4X 1080P WiFi IP Cameras for Home and Business Surveillance (Dual WiFi Routers in NVR,100ft IR, No HDD

Wifi Camera DVR Bundle

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  • this latest 2020 version has dual WiFi modules in the NVR. One reserved for cameras and the other for connecting to Internet. The cameras connect to the NVR’s own WiFi to keep your current home WiFi clear. The 2nd inside WiFi lets you connect the system to Internet via WiFi. No need to hard wire the NVR to router anymore. This brings flexibility of NVR location.
  • 【Dual Records Mode Ongoing】- the system records 24*7 and records motion events simultaneously. While playback, it highlights the events for your attention, which saves a lot of your time. The App keeps a daily message list for your check if you are too busy to pay attention. The list shows all detected events of the day with snapshots and video clips.
  • 【Easy Plug N Play】- NVR and cameras auto-pair, you only need to mount the cameras within WiFi range to start monitoring.
  • 【Powered by AUTO Dream liner Wi-Fi relay tech】- the xmartO Dream Liner technology lets you use closer cameras as repeaters for further cameras. This helps to boost Wi-Fi range of cameras. Now the G3 version of Auto Dream Liner WiFi Relay technology makes it even easier. When a camera has too weak signal to the NVR, it automatically searches a close-by camera and use it a WiFi repetaer to reach the NVR.
  • Mobile live view & Playback – free mobile App and cloud technology enable you to view the cameras on your phone/ pad in 3 simple steps. You can also remote playback history videos in the hard drive from your phone/pad.
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